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 Health forms for students are located here.

REGISTER - Questions Please contact the registrar: Carole Humkey

New or Returning to Dunbar? What every parent needs to know.

Parents:  Every student is required by the state to complete an ILP (Individualized Learning Plan) every year.  Read this flyer for more information. Also, Mr. O'Bryan has shared this letter with information on how parents can use the ILP to help their students make decisions about the future.


Directions on how to use Parent Portal (English | Spanish)


Parents... Are you having difficulty accessing your Parent Portal account?  If so, please email the Parent Portal Help Desk.


For a parent to make phone number and/or email change requests in Parent Portal:

  1. Log into Parent Portal on a desktop or laptop computer. Parents will be unable to make changes through the Campus Portal App.
  2. Under Family, cilck Family Members.
  3. Click Update on the appropriate family member.
  4. Make changes as needed.
  5. Click Send Update.
  6. The request will be sent to IAKSS. Requests will be monitored at IAKSS Monday through friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. Our goal is to have all requests approved or denied withing 48 hours. 

TranscriptButton Parents and students who have questions concerning Parchment,  please read below...

Several mistakes are being made when creating accounts that prevents Parchment from matching the transcript requests with what we send to Parchment.   The following mistakes have been the most common mistakes and are taking time to be resolved:

  • Using a nickname instead of your real name.
  • Misspelled student names
  • Parents completing the requests and using parent's information like birth year instead of the student's info.

These mistakes can be prevented by using the registration code that was given to the students (once by hard copy and sent twice to their student email).

If you have requested a transcript via Parchment rest assured that the transcript will be delivered.  If you have not yet requested your final transcript,  please use the registration code to create your Parchment account and complete your request ASAP!

Leave the original info about Parchment as well as the Parchment button. 





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