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Dunbar senior reimagines kindergartner's monster drawing


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Seniors - Transcripts and Graduation Pictures


All colleges require a final transcript with your graduation date and final semester. Order those transcripts now throught and they will be sent as soon as they are available.

You can also receive $5 off your graduation pictures if you register before the event at Pre-Event Email Registration online at


TranscriptButtonParents and students who have questions concerning Parchment,  please read below...

Several mistakes are being made when creating accounts that prevents Parchment from matching the transcript requests with what we send to Parchment.   The following mistakes have been the most common mistakes and are taking time to be resolved:

  • Using a nickname instead of your real name.
  • Misspelled student names
  • Parents completing the requests and using parent's information like birth year instead of the student's info.

These mistakes can be prevented by using the registration code that was given to the students (once by hard copy and sent twice to their student email).

If you have requested a transcript via Parchment rest assured that the transcript will be delivered.  If you have not yet requested your final transcript,  please use the registration code to create your Parchment account and complete your request ASAP!

Leave the original info about Parchment as well as the Parchment button.

Accountability Testing Information: